Community Services


Our UFLAC family has been hit unusually hard by cancer during the past year.  With this in mind, the Fire Department has partnered with the American Cancer Society to support and promote a cancer awareness campaign during the month of October.

As part of that involvement, our members can wear personalized silicone wristlets while on duty during the month of October.  Additionally, members may choose to wear a small metal pink ribbon pin on their uniform, as this month is nationally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We have been given this great opportunity to promote Cancer Awareness in our Department.  Specifically, we hope our UFLAC brothers and sisters will identify a family member, a friend, a firefighter, a neighbor, or anyone afflicted by ANY form of cancer – and they will support that person in their struggle, or they will honor them for their courage in battling this disease.  We can all do this by ordering wristlets with their name or message debossed in the wristlet, and by wearing those wristlets during the entire month of October.

Cancer of any kind can present a challenge to all that are affected by the disease…not only the individual, but their surrounding relationships as a whole.  Some people have a more intimate relationship with the affected person than others, but no matter how you came into their life, your interest is for their survival…this is human nature!

The wearing of pins and wristlets is a completely voluntary endeavor, not mandated by the Fire Department.  It is our hope that every shift at every station participates and uses this opportunity to show our SOLIDARITY AND CLASS as professionals!  This is simply a chance for our union members to support or honor the person of their choice in their battle against cancer.

The pins and generic wristlets will be provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and will be distributed and available through your Battalion Staff Assistants prior to October.  Those members that choose to participate by wearing customized wristlets should identify a person or a family for their support during October.  Those members will have to pay for these wristlets with their own money – but the cost is nominal, averaging about $2.00 each.  Members should order sufficient custom wristlets (preferably blue or pink) from any one of many on-line vendors, and a sample list of vendors is shown below.  We are NOT involved with, nor do we encourage you to use any specific company or web site.

Thank you in advance for your support.  Please take this opportunity to step up to get involved with this simple, yet very positive cancer awareness campaign.  Your wristlets should be ordered as early in September as possible to ensure they arrive for the October campaign.

Members seeking additional information about the American Cancer Society may visit their website at