Pink T-Shirt Campaign

UFLAC & LAFD Join Forces to Support

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

UFLAC and the LAFD have joined forces to promote and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our primary goal is to support those personally affected by cancer and to reach thousands of people with the lifesaving message that cancer prevention and early detection can mean the difference between life and death.

During the month of October, all members are authorized to wear the newly designed pink LAFD shirt while on duty to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  By this very public display, LAFD firefighters and paramedics can help to raise public awareness of this devastating disease. We hope as many of you as possible will the pink t-shirt.

Breast Cancer Facts to Consider:

  • Breast Cancer incidents in LA County are three times higher that that of the next leading cancer
  • Second leading cause of mortality among Caucasian, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander females
  • Leading cause of mortality among Latina / Hispanic women in LA County
  • Late diagnosis carries a survival rate of less than 7%
  • Early diagnosis and treatment has a survival rate of over 91%
  • #1 mortality rate of females between 21 – 40 years of age in LA County

All net sales will go to UFLAC Fire Foundation to support LAFD families batting this devastating disease.  Pink LAFD/UFLAC t-shirts are $20 and can be ordered HERE or call the UFLAC office directly at (213) 977-9001 ext. 1

Please click HERE to download a flyer to print for your Fire Station or Hospital