Bulletin 01-24 Member Alert

In December 2023, IAFF attorneys were present at the UFLAC union hall for an update on our lawsuit regarding Payroll Discrepancies. During this time it was mentioned that there is still time to sign up for the lawsuit. If you were previously not paid correctly or currently not getting paid correctly this is your time to sign up before it is too late.  It is highly suggested that members look at their current pay stubs and make sure that you are getting paid correctly.

If you have signed up for this lawsuit in the past, UFLAC strongly encourages you to view the COMPLAINT to make sure that your name is currently listed on the lawsuit. If your name is not on the complaint and you believe you did not submit your personal email, please call 412-450-0052 to make sure you are included in the lawsuit and your personal email is correct.

There will be a monthly update sent to all members on the status of this lawsuit.

Any questions please reach out to Director Rich Ramirez at rramirez@uflac.org or 213-442-9771.

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

Published on January 4, 2024