Bulletin 03-24 Member Alert

Dear Members,

Your UFLAC Executive Board would like to thank the following members that have taken the necessary steps to become a Station Steward:

Chris Thyfault              FS 9-B
Mark Hatcher              FS 25-A
Zach Sweeney             FS 11-C
Paul Jeremica              FS 37-C
Ray Covarrubias          FS 83-B
Eric Ingstad                 FS 90-B
Rigo Arellano              FS 99-C
Jonith “JJ” Johnson     FS 114-B
Scott Lazar                   FS 86-B
Steve Addleman          FS 97-B
Tommy Bashara          FS 102-B
Chris Pohl                    FS 8-A
Jon Fowler                   FS 84-B
Tony Gaj                      FS 106-C
Mark McLean              FS 48-C
Jason Teter                  FS 110-B
Brock Bowden             FS 111-A
Bob Medrano              FS 15-B
Hiroshi Haskett           FS 33-C
Arran Dahlberg           FS 65-B
Jorge Gomez               MFC-A
Ted Chambers             FPB-WIU
Brent Kneisler             FPB-VFP
Kevin Clarke                Arson

These Stewards either attended the General Membership meeting last month, or attended one of two Stewards Zoom meetings. Please ask these members about the information they obtained during these meetings.

This is only the beginning. We are still recruiting more Stewards as we want every station to have a Steward getting and sharing the facts to the members at the stations.

Please reach out to a committee member below if you are interested in becoming a Steward.

Ryan Quigley, Chair (213) 810-1266
Kent Koffler (626) 818-9006
Doug Coates (818) 468-5445

In solidarity,
UFLAC Executive Board

Published on January 10, 2024