Bulletin 44–23 Fire-Shift Calendar Transition to UFLAC and LAFRA

For many years, the Firefighters First Credit Union (FFCU) has been developing and producing the LAFD Fire-Shift calendar to the membership and all the departments within the LAFD free of cost.
Earlier this year, the FFCU approached UFLAC and LAFRA informing us that they will be discontinuing the production of the Fire-Shift calendar due to the increased costs and availability of their FireSync App. UFLAC and LAFRA decided to work collaboratively to continue providing a physical large calendar to each fire station and department locations that rely on the larger fire-shift calendar. In addition, we will also be developing a PDF version of the fire-shift calendar which any member could easily print out their own physical copy if needed.
As with many of us in our own personal lives, it is important to reevaluate the need and cost for the services that are provided. After several discussions from the joint FFCU, UFLAC, and LAFRA committee, we all believe this will best serve the membership by still providing the large and digital calendars and saving the cost of underutilized products.
Please reach out if you have any further questions. 

In Solidarity,

Executive Board
United Firefighters of Los Angeles City

Published on August 18, 2023